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What is DIT?

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy, or DIT, is a simple short term (16 sessions) individual therapy protocol for mood disorders. The protocol was designed on the basis of the work of the Expert Reference Group on clinical competencies which worked on identifying key components drawn from manualized psychoanalytic/dynamic therapies. www.ucl.ac.uk

DIT is an easy to acquire, semi-structured, treatment protocol that is currently being investigated; It has been primarily developed to work with depressed and anxious patients. This protocol for brief dynamic work is being rolled out nationally within the IAPT programme for work with depressed patients.

DIT Co-ordinators:

Alessandra Lemma   Mary Target   Peter Fonagy
alessandra lemma   mary target   peter fonagy
Visiting Professor in the Psychoanalysis Unit at UCL, and Visiting Professor of Psychological Therapies at Essex University   Professor of Psychoanalysis at UCL, and Director of the MSc in Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies   Freud Memorial Professor of Psychoanalysis and Head of the Dept of Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology at UCL

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