DIT Abroad

DIT in Holland

In February 2010, when the first DIT training was held in London, a clinical psychologist and two psychiatrists from Holland attended:  Gerrit Delfstra, Gerry Peeters and Wilbert van Rooij. After they completed the training Gerrit and Wilbert developed a DIT group treatment for patients with medically unexplained somatic symptoms in Holland. They also started treating individual patients with symptoms of depression and anxiety within the DIT model. All three clinicians teach psychoanalytic therapy at RINO, a regional institute for the training of psychotherapists, clinical psychologists and mental health care psychologists. Soon DIT became part of the curriculum of these courses. From March 9-11 Alessandra Lemma came over to train the first group of professionals at RINO in Eindhoven. New trainings will be offered in 2012.

The Dutch Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy meanwhile decided to transform itself from being a more or less traditional society to a kind of umbrella organization, where there would be room for practitioners of other formats of psychoanalytic psychotherapy besides traditional intensive psychoanalytic psychotherapies. Registers are being installed for Transference Focused Psychotherapy, Mentalisation Based Treatment, Affect Phobia, Short-term Supportive Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and also Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy.  Accreditation criteria for DIT will follow the original guidelines that can be found on this website.

DIT in Brasil

Dutch psychoanalyst Jan Dousi has been living and working in Brasil for over fifty years. During the last fifteen years he has been involved with the treatment of imprisoned patients in Nova Lima in the Belo Horizonte area. Some prisoners are sent to a specialized clinic to spend the last years or months of their long-term sentences there. They receive psychological treatment and pastoral care, rehabilitation courses and learn new professional competences.

Last year Jan was in Tilburg and was very impressed by our multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of patients suffering from personality disorders and unexplained somatic symptoms. Treatment in the Psychotherapeutic Day Care Centre is MBT and DIT informed.  Judge Juarez Morais de Azevedo sent a letter to Gerrit Delfstra inviting him to help reorganize the psychological treatment in this service. Last December Gerrit was in Belo Horizonte, where he met with Jan and Juarez. A plan of treatment involving MBT and DIT was developed and has already been approved. A training programme was also prepared.  Contacts were made with one of Belo Horizonte’s universities with the request to include the training programme in their regular curriculum. The first training will be held in July 2012 or January 2013.


DIT in Denmark

DIT training is available in Denmark at The DIT Institute: www.dit-instituttet.dk

The next course is scheduled to run between 22nd-25th September, 2014.

The training is run by Marijke Marijnissen (psychologist) and Kirsten Ilkjær (psychiatrist). They are both approved supervisors and trainers in DIT, trained psychoanalysts and members of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA).

There is a tendency in the public health system in Denmark to point to evidence-based methods not only as a first choice but increasingly as the only acceptable choice of treatment for psychological and psychiatric conditions. The development of DIT in Denmark represents an opportunity for psychodynamic treatments to continue to be part of the available treatment models in the public system and hopefully this will support the future development and use of longer-term psychodynamic therapy as well.



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