30th October 2017
Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) and Mentalization
Anna Freud Centre
Speakers: Peter Fonagy and Deborah Abrahams

  31st October 2017
Risk in Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy
Tavistock Centre as well as remote access via internet
Speakers: Elaine Curran, Counselling Psychologist and DIT practitioner in the Camden IAPT service Deborah Abrahams, Lead, Psychological Therapies Development Unit at the Tavistock and DIT practitioner, trainer and supervisor.

  4th December 2017 - 8th December 2017
Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy 5 Day Training
Anna Freud Centre
Speakers: Alessandra Lemma, Peter Fonagy & Mary Target together with associates from the Psychological Therapies Development Unit including Anne McKay and Neelam Dosanjh



The Tavistock and Portman Anna Freud Centre