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DIT trial 2011

The NICE guidelines for the treatment of depression in adults have suggested that short term psychodynamic psychotherapy (STPP) could be offered to those who have refused other types of psychological therapy. However, there are many types of STPP (including Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy – DIT) and some may be more effective than others.

This study will benchmark the effectiveness of DIT in an IAPT service. It will also serve as a feasibility study for a future RCT comparing CBT and DIT. In order to begin to find out if DIT could be effective treatment for depression we will compare the outcomes of patients receiving DIT with those of patients on a 16 week enhanced waiting list for therapy. These studies will help prepare the way for a larger trial of DIT to be conducted in the future.

Results of the DIT training survey

The results of the DIT training survey are in. Thank you everyone for contributing. You can access them through the members section, using your username and password. For more information please email


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